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This page contain photos of CVI activities submitted by our members and associates. All photos are copyright and are used here by permission. If you are interested in seeing your photos posted here or are interested in using any of the photos you see here, please contact the webmaster at


Chapter 1 Christmas party Added 8/5/2010. Pictures courtesy of Wild Bill.
New Washington State Board of Directors elected at July meeting. Added 8/10/2009.
Chapter 8 members currently deployed to Iraq display colors and a CVI banner. Added 6/25/2009.
Fossil & Marlene get married. Added 6/25/2009. More pictures 8/10/2009 in the "From Fossil" section.
Chapter 1 attends Mt Goat's campout. Added 4/18/2010.
Chapter 1 Memorial Day. Added 4/18/2010.
May 2009 Chapter 1 Golf Tournament. Added 5/24/2009.
Chapter 1 meets with new prospective members in Oak Harbor, WA. Added 4/18/2010.
Chapter 1 Ferndale Flag Raising. Added 4/18/2010
April 2009 NBOD in Moses Lake Added 5/3/2009.
CVI's 11th Birthday Party Added 4/18/2010.
CVI's 11th Birthday Party Added 4/9/2009.